Thursday, June 8, 2017

Honeysuckle / Jin Yin Hua / 金銀花 / Gold and Silver Flower

Kevin and I planted 4 different varieties of honeysuckle on the back of the building several years before we started the business.

In hindsight, 2 honeysuckles would have been enough to cover the space. They are incredibly vigorous and would tear down the gutter and swallow the building if left alone.

I have long since lost the variety tags from the nursery. I believe one is an North American non-vining variety and the other three are Lonicera japonica. So when it came to picking out the medicinal variety to paint, I just picked one that fits the Chinese name better - "Gold and Silver Flower".

The composition shows the three stages of the flower, from immature yellow-green (that's when you would picked it for Chinese medicinal use), to showy yellow and white full bloom, ends in dropping all its petals and forming a jewel red fruit.

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