Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Poppy Seed Casing 罌粟殼 Ying Su Ke

I grew some Hungarian Blue Breadseed poppies by our front door. Poppies flowered in early summer. The droopy flower buds gradually straightened up and bloomed. The flowers lasted only a couple days then dropped all petals, leaving the seed pods. The seed pods nodded in the wind for a while and gradually dried up. Seed pods were picked and the seeds were harvested. The empty seed casings are used in Chinese herbal medicine for chronic cough, diarrhea and pain.

In this watercolor painting, I combined the 3 stages of the flower development in the composition. I chose to paint the poppy at the height of its prettiness and not when it's browned and shriveld, ready to be used for medicine. I suppose my choice is sentimental and not scientific. But I like pretty. So there you have it.

Also debuting the negative-carved stone chop with the Peaceful Water motto 心如止水 (Heart liken to still water). The meaning behind Peaceful Water.